4-Relay Board

The ATE-201 is a board with 4 relays of 5A/250Vac with 1 common contact and 4 NO contacts. The board can be powered internal or external with 5Vdc. The ATE-201 is an expansion for Arduino Carrier Board and ATE-600 I/O Controllers.

The ATE-201 dimensions are approximately 5 x 8 cm (1.9×3.1”) and the board has mounting holes for Hammond 1598B enclosure.


The ATE-201 can be connected to the ATE-101 Carrier Board as shown on the picture.


The ATE-201 Relay Board has 2 common connections and 4 NO (Normally Open) connections. The common connections are connected to each other and to the 4 relay contacts.

Power supply

The ATE-201 can be powered with 5V internal (via 50 pin connector) or 5V external via the 5V POWER INPUT. The maximum current, with all relays activated, is 300mA. You can use an external stabilized 5Vdc power supply (like HNP06-050). The Relay Board has a power on led.

Jumper settings

If you want to power via USB, the jumpers settings should be as follows:
ATE-101: 4-3 5V
ATE-201: 3-4 INT

If you want to use an external 5Vdc power supply, the jumper settings should be as follows:
ATE-101: no jumper
ATE-201: 1-2 EXT

If the ATE-101 is not connected to USB, and you want to power the Arduino with the external 5Vdc power supply, the jumpers should be as follows:
ATE-101: 4-3 5V
ATE-201: 1-2 EXT, 3-4 INT

When using a 3.3V Arduino Pro Mini, you can use the voltage regulator of the Arduino:
ATE-101: 1-3
ATE-201: 1-2 EXT, 3-4 INT

Controlling the ATE-201

Relay 1 is controlled by D2 of the Arduino. Relay 2 by D3, relay 3 by D4 and relay 4 by D5. An application and program examples can be found at ATE-502. You can use the relay board together with the LCD and the Parallax joystick on the ATE-101 Arduino Board. See also the ATE-101 Connection Diagram.
On the ATE-301 Back Panel you can connect 3 relay boards. In this way the ATE-101 Arduino Board can control up to 12 relays. See: ATE-602.


Relay board with Arduino board in Hammond 1598B.


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