Power Supply Board with RS232

The ATE-205/405 is RS232 interface board with FTDI connector, 3.3V regulator and an optional DC-DC converter. The board has a female DB9 connector for connecting to a computer. TX, RX and DTR are supported.

The ATE-405 has a high efficiency voltage regulator and the ATE-205 not. The ATE-405 board accepts DC power between 7V and 35V. The ATE-205/405 Board is an expansion for the Arduino Carrier Board and ATE-600 I/O Controllers.

The dimensions are approximately 5 x 8 cm (1.9×3.1”) and the board has mounting holes for several enclosures: Sparkfun Project Case (WIG-08601 or WIG-08632) and Hammond 1598B enclosure.


The ATE-205/405 can be connected to the ATE-101 Arduino Board as shown in the picture.


The ATE-205/405 Board has an RS232 interface and an USB interface via an FTDI adapter or cable.

If an FTDI USB Cable is used, it should be connected as follows.

Jumper Settings

RS232 and USB cannot be used at the same time. With jumpers you select which one you want to use.
For RS232: 1-3 and 2-4
For USB: 3-5 and 4-6 (default)
If you want to use the FTDI connector on another boards, you must disable RS232 by removing jumpers 1-3 and 2-4. Only one FTDI connector can be used at the same time.

Power Supply

The ATE-205/405 has a 3.3V regulator which can supply more power than the regulator on an Arduino (Pro) Mini. This board can be used with for example a 60mW XBee module (on an ATE-202).

A 12Vdc or 24Vdc power supply can be used with the ATE-405 Power Supply Board.



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