Proto Board

The ATE-200 Proto Board is an expansion for the Arduino Carrier Board and ATE-600 I/O Controllers.

The dimensions are approximately 5 x 8 cm (1.9×3.1”) and the board has mounting holes for several enclosures: Sparkfun Project Case (WIG-08601 or WIG-08632), Hammond 1598B and Box Enclosures 101-42-9V.

The 50-pin header connector is included but not soldered. All 50 connector pins are broken out and labelled. The Arduino Carrier Board does not use all 50 pins. All 50 pins have a label for use with future microcontroller boards.

The board has building space for through-hole components with 2.54mm (100mil) spaced plated-through holes.

Note: Pin 48 is not connected to solder point D11. This will be corrected in the next revision.

Connect the Arduino Carrier Board as follows.

Board layout:

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